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As many people know, Neil Peart used to answer letters sent to him through Modern Drummer. He wrote individual responses, handwritten at first and then typed and printed from a computer. He continued this practice until the secret got out on the Internet about how to get a personal postcard from Neil.

I've seen a few of these postcards and have always found them interesting. So, I thought including a handful here would be of interest to other Peart fans.

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Derik Rinehart - posted on 7/21/12


"Back after the November release of Presto, RUSH took December off for the holidays. In January they rehearsed for the tour, and started the tour in February. I sent my questions via "The RUSH Backstage Club" in December, and got this postcard in mid February. I was curious of how Neil got the snare to turn on and off so quick (particularly in the song "The Big Money"). My kit at the time had a fairly crappy snare strainer flip, so it was a bear to play the song. These days, being older and with more money, I have a way better drum set with better functioning gear! :) 

 This is the postcard I returned home to one day. Was a real awesome moment in time for a die-hard RUSH fan!"

Ricky George - posted on 5/31/10

Ricky George postcard

Stephen Wells - posted on 5/31/10

Steven Wells postcard Steven Wells Neil Peart Postcard - Reverse

Chris Berry - posted on 4/24/10

Brian Andonian
- posted on 10/18/09

Lamb Saag - posted on 8/7/09

William - posted on 9/13/08

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Pat and Matt - posted 9/13/08

Front of postcard to Pat and Matt Back of postcard to Pat and Matt

Tom Gutierrez - posted 9/13/08

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Back of postcard to Tom Guitierrez Back of postcard to Tom Guitierrez

Jeff T - posted 1/25/08

Neil Peart postcard to Jeff T.

Paul Lesinski - posted 1/6/08

Monica Z - posted 11/23/07

Neil Peart postcard to Monica Z, front Neil Peart postcard to Monica Z, back

Steve Z - - posted 11/23/07

Neil Peart postcard to Steve Z, front Neil Peart postcard to Steve Z, back

Marcus Edell
- posted 11/7/07

Craig Jr. -
posted 10/11/07

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- posted 9/30/07

Neal Scanapico

NEP Postcard to Neal Scanapico NEP postcard to Neal Scanapico