Best Breakfast Restaurants in Seattle

Many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I love breakfast so much, I eat it for dinner sometimes. Below are some of my favorite places and some reasons why. If you're visiting Seattle, try one of these out.

  1. Eggs Cetera's Blue Star Cafe - Wallingford/Greenlake area

Blue Star is often the busiest breakfast place I visit―so be prepared to wait. But it has one of the largest menus, and with the portions they serve you'll never walk away hungry. If you get a chance, check out the pictures of Old Seattle hanging up around the restaurant―especially the ones of John F. Kennedy (look closely at the movie theater marquee in one of the pictures).

My usual: Biscuits and gravy with eggs and a scone OR the California omelet.

  1. Patty's Eggnest - Northgate

Right down the street from my house, this is my new favorite breafast spot. Be prepared to wait on Saturday, Sunday, or any holiday. If you're not into crowds, try out Patty's after 12 or 1:00. There are 10 other Patty's locations around Washington.

Favorites: California Benedict, Chorizo Egg Benedict, Sicilian Scramble, the Bavarian, and Elvis French Toast, and fresh squeezed OJ.

  1. Chinook's - Magnolia

One of the best views in Seattle. Out the window you'll see the masts of hundreds of fishing vessels and the Ballard Bridge beyond that. This place has a great "ramp" for kids to run up and down. If you have a wait a long time, you can always go out and look at the boats.

My usual: Breakfast burritos with scone.

  1. Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe - Phinney Ridge

Hands down, the most original restaurant environment you're likely to encounter. I used to think this restaurant had the longest wait of all time, but you can usually get in within 10-15 minutes. This is my brother's favorite restaurant.

My usual: Biscuits and gravy with eggs. Possible cinnamon roll upgrade.

  1. Coastal Kitchen - Capitol Hill

A Capitol Hill staple with lots of great choices to choose from. If you arrive late, parking can be a bit tricky.

My usual: The Farmer's omelet, fresh squeezed O.J.

  1. Burgermaster - University District - University Village

When I tell people this place is good, they usually give me an odd look. I guess Burgermaster has a kind of cheap, run-down look. But it serves one of the best, most reasonable breakfasts around. Try to get a booth for maximum enjoyment.

My usual: Potatoes and gravy and egg sandwich OR pancakes.

  1. Julia's in Wallingford - Wallingford

I must admit, it's been a while since I've been to Julia's in Wallingford. The wait is usually out of this world, and parking can be a bit difficult. But there's a decidedly homey feel to this place.

My usual: Greek omelet or one of the scrambles with bacon. My wife adores Karsten's vegetables.

  1. Kona Kitchen - Maple Leaf, Seattle

Kona Kitchen is owned by Yuji Okumoto and his wife. The thing you might not know (although there are plenty of clues in the restaurant) is that Yuji has a pretty extensive acting career, too. He got his start in the movie "Better off Dead," one of my favorite 80s films, and moved on to bigger roles, like the villain in "The Karate Kid, Part II."

As a restaurant owner, he's done pretty well for himself, too. There's a great selection at Kona, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and while you're waiting for them to cook your food, you can wander around the restaurant and look at all the signed 8x10 photos of actors on the walls.

Check out Kona when you're in the Maple Leaf neighborhood.

  1. Brown Bag Cafe - Kirkland (Eastside)

I just went to Brown Bag Cafe for breakfast the other day. Someone in our breakfast party said, "Wow, this place is the Claim Jumper of breakfast!" It's true. If you want to get breakfast for today and tomorrow, check this place out.

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