• Counterparts drums: Life after Rush
  • Explore Neil Peart's early years in this detailed timeline
  • Neil Peart's R40 "Retro" drum kit (photo by @mojoguzzi)
  • Drum kit replicas and inspirations
  • Explore the history of Neil Peart's drums
  • Clockwork Lives by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart
  • Neil Peart's R40 "Modern" drum kit (photo by @mstmompj)
  • Explore the drumming influences of Neil Peart
  • "2113" from Kevin J. Anderson and ECW Press
  • Far and Wide now available



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Lorne Wheaton's website (Neil's drum tech)


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Biography of Neil Peart by AndyO

Rush is a Band

Power Windows - A Tribute to Rush


Neil Peart Drumsticks: A Photographic History by Michael DF Lowe

Wikipedia entry on Neil Peart

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Power Windows page on Rush inspirations

Limbo - The Italian Rush Portal