Replicas and drum kits inspired by Neil Peart's drums

Neil Peart's drum kits inspire drummers in all kinds of ways. For some, they build exact replicas of Neil's kits. For others, it may be adding electronics to an acoustic kit, or a cowbell tree. On this page you'll find pictures and stories from people about their Neil Peart-inspired drum kits. If you'd like to send me a picture of your drum kit and tell me how Neil inspired it, I'll post it here.


New and Updated Kits - 2012

Sean C's Yamaha Kit - added 7/22/12

Shawn Freeman's Chromey and Blakrome Replicas - updated 7/22/12

Tom Hildreth's Chrome Ddrum Reflex kit - added 1/2/12

Sam Kesteven's Chromey Replica and Highland Drum Kit - updated 1/2/12

Alessandro Bianchi's three Neil Peart kit replicas - updated 1/2/12

Uncle Bob's Ludwig Super Classic kit - updated 1/2/12

New and Updated Kits - 2011

Erik L's Ludwig Classic/Super Classic Kit - added 8/10/11

Greg Smith's Tama Artstar Cordia kit - added 7/5/11

Steve Lerro's Tama Superstar Customs - added 7/5/11

Doug Foley's Power Windows TV replicas - added 7/5/11

Alan Walker's custom drum heads - updated 7/5/11

Sam Albidone's Red Sparkle DW replica - added 7/5/11

Scott Nelson's Pork Pie kit - added 7/5/11

David Epson's Yamaha 9000 kit - added 7/5/11

Aaron Parrott's Yamaha kit - updated 7/5/11

S. Rorke's Sonor kit (and many other kits) - updated 7/5/11

David Tremper's kit - updated 7/5/11

New and Updated Kits - 2010

Joe Connolly's custom Tama Art Star kit - posted 7/7/10

Paul Rheinfelder's Pearl kit - posted 7/7/10

Carlos Elias's kit - posted 3/27/10

Steve Grala's kit - posted 3/27/10

Ludwig Drum Company's Ro Sham Bo replica kit - posted 3/27/10

Donald's Jack's kit - posted 3/27/10

Chainsaw's Thunderdrums - posted 2/21/10

Sander Viller's Premier Cabria kit - posted 2/21/10

Jamie's Mapex Voyager kit - posted 2/21/10


Mark Gausel's "S.S. Imitation" kit - posted 11/14/09

Ryan Feeney's Tama Swingstar "Beast" kit - posted 11/14/09

Nereu's RMV kit - updated 11/8/09

Roman Dino's DW "Broken Glass" kit - posted 8/27/09

Angelo's Ludwig Kit - posted 8/27/09

C.J.'s Ludwig Accent CS Custom kit - posted 8/27/09

Graham Clarke's Yamaha kit for the tribute band 2112 posted 5/2/09

Christopher Stewart's Mapex kit posted 5/2/09

Russ Hoffmaster's Slingerland and DW kits posted 5/2/09


Ben's Tama Custom kit posted 9/28/08

Richard Peralta's Tama Superstar kit posted 9/28/08

James Sims' Tama Swingstar kit posted 9/28/08

Luis' Tama Starclassic Performer kit updated 9/28/08

Domenic Nardone's model of Neil's Tama Artstar prototype posted 3/9/08

Gordie Howe's wraparound Pearl kit posted 3/9/08

Patrick Keith's red sparkle kit posted 2/25/08

Greg Steele's Slingerland replica kit posted 2/25/08

Dan Aube's Silver Sparkle DW kit posted 2/25/08


Pierre Martin's Tama Starclassic Performer kit posted 12/9/07

John Buckland's Commemorative drum kit posted 12/9/07

Johnny Sillers' "White Monster" kit posted 12/9/07

Adam Alquist's drum kit posted 12/9/07

Steve Cain's Ludwig replica kit posted 11/7/07

Mike's Tama Rockstar kit posted 7/4/07

Neal's Tama replica kit posted 7/4/07

Randy's Pearl Export kit posted 7/4/07

Eric Banta's Commemorative kit posted on 5/31/07

Shane Wallace's drum kit posted on 3/25/07


Kevin Walker's drum kit posted on 11/12/06

Paul Nuzzo's drum kit posted on 10/1/06

Brian's drum kit posted on 7/30/06

Kerry Finn's drum kit posted on 7/30/06