Erik L.'s Ludwig Classic/Super Classic kit

Hi, my name is Erik L. from New York. I am 47 years old and have been playing the drums since the age of 11. I have played in numerous RUSH cover bands though the years. I had this particular Ludwig Classic/Super Classic kit custom made in July of 1990. The kit was inspired by my mentor- Mr. Neil Peart of the band RUSH. This kit is in ultra-mint condition having never been played out and always living at home.   



Ludwig Drums – Cherry Shadow Finish:

(2) 14 x 24 Classic Bass Drums

5.5 x 6 Super Classic Concert Tom

9 x 6 Super Classic Power Tom

9 x 8 Super Classic Power Tom

9 x 10 Super Classic Power Tom

8 x 12 Super Classic Standard Tom

10 x 14 Super Classic Standard Tom

12 x 15 Super Classic Standard Tom

16 x 16 Classic Floor Tom

16 x 18 Classic Floor Tom


Tama Drums – Cherry Lacquer Finish:

6.5 x 14 Artwood Maple Snare Drum


Paiste Cymbals:

3000 10” Splash

2002 11” Splash

3000 14” Heavy Hi-Hats

2002 18” Crash

2002 18” Medium

2002 19” Crash

2002 20” Crash

3000 20” Power Ride

3000 16” China Type

2002 18” China Type

3000 18” Novo China Type

3000 20” Novo China Type



LP Cowbells

Pearl Tri-bells

LP Double Wind Chimes

Mussler Glockenspiel



Tama Titan - Stands, Boom Arms, Ratchets, Multi-Clamps & Throne

Tama Iron Cobra Bass Pedals

DW 5000 Hi-Hat Stand

Ludwig Hoop Mounted Cymbal Holders.  Single and Double Tom Holders. 



Remo –

White Coated Ambassadors on all Tom Batters, Clear Ambassadors on Bottom of all Toms and Snare. 

Ambassador X on Snare Batter .

PureSound 24 Strand S/S Snares.

Ebony on Bass Drum Fronts with R30 Star Man (Thanks to

Evans –

EQ4 Batter on Bass Drums with Evans EQ Pads.


ProMark – Hickory 747with Wood Tips.

Not Shown in Pictures:

LP Granite Blocks, 3 Various Sized Triangles and Zildjian C-C Low Crotales.