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History of drum kits

The drummers who influenced Neil Peart.

Neil Peart's R40 "Modern" kit

Neil Peart's R40 "Retro" kit


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Paragon cymbals

Chromey - Neil Peart's first Slingerland kit used with Rush

Number One Slingerland Snare

Buddy Rich Memorial 2008


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DW Commemorative Drum Kit

S.S. Professor tour

Motostars exhibit - Featuring S.S. Professor

Building the kit

360-degree view

Drum Lessons with the Greats

  • Neil Peart's R40 drums revealed!
  • Clockwork Angels drum kit
  • Snakes & Arrows drum kit
  • Photos from the 1980s
  • Chromey - Neil Peart's first Slingerland kit
  • Buddy Rich Memorial Concert (2008)
  • Time Machine kit
  • Drum kit replicas and inspirations
  • Neil Peart's drum awards
  • S. S. Professor Tour report