Setting up Neil's drum Kit

Snakes and Arrows drum setup

Vdrum1693 shot this footage at Red Rocks of Neil's kit being set up.


Drum setup photos - by John Arrowsmith (pyro tech for Rush)

  • Drum setup: Regina
  • Drum setup: Regina
  • Drum setup: Regina
  • Drum setup: Gorge, WA
  • Drum setup: Los Angeles


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These images show Larry Allen setting up Neil's Power Windows Tama kit.

These images are taken from Neil's DVD, "A Work in Progress." He shows in the video how the kit is built on top of the custom drum platform, starting with just a bass drum and snare, and ending with the whole enchilada.

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  • Test for Echo Kit 1
  • Test for Echo Kit 2
  • Test for Echo Kit 3
  • Test for Echo Kit 4