Sites about Neil Peart

Sites about Rush

  • - The Official site.
  • Bands like Rush - is a music discovery podcast and blog from composer/performer Ben Sommer. Interviews with musicians and artists who's music "sounds like" Rush - the great progressive rock trio from Canada.
  • Rush is a Band - A great news and resource site by Ed Stenger that uses the power of blog technology. Updated regularly with interesting news and pictures. This is a site I visit daily.
  • - Along with current news, this site has one of the best archives of Rush photos, magazines, and other documents.
  • Rush Hemispheres - Excellent site from Poland-based Rush fans.
  • Limbo - The Italian Rush Portal - A beautifully-designed site with a lot of great info. I especially like the English/Italian lyric translations.
  • MitA's Rush OdDiTiEs - Great Rush site with some REALLY COOL content. Check this one out!
  • Kevin Shirley's website (recording engineer of Counterparts) - Rare pictures of Alex and Geddy
  • Power Windows - A Tribute to Rush - One of the most comprehensive Rush sites on the Web.
  • Echoes of Old Applause - Great pictures, interesting stories from a super fan.    
  • Hugh Syme official site - The Web site from the man who brought us almost every Rush cover (and artwork). 
  • Rush Petition II - Tallies the fans' votes for songs they want to band to play on tour. For the Vapor Trails tour, Rush actually played many of the top songs on the petition (By-Tor and the Snow Dog and Cygnus X-1).

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