Kevin Walker's kit

When I first saw these pictures of Kevin's kit, I wanted to play it! His kit shows clear similarities to Neil Peart's setup--from the cowbell tree, to the range of tom-toms, to the mounted gong bass drum.

From Kevin:

Here are a few pics of my kit.....   I haven't played in about 15 years, but decided to get back into it....  ...  This configuration has a little bit from all of (Neil's) different kits (with the exception of electronics).  For the most part the drums are Pearl, with a bastard here and there.  The cymbals are all Saluda, with the exception of the xhats and the 4" Paiste accent (crotale wanna-be). The kit is pretty flexible,  I have floor tom leg mounts on the gong bass drum, so I can have more of the 1984 and up kit feel, but with double headed toms instead of concert toms.