Gordie Howe's Pearl kit  

This wraparound kit from Gordie Howe shows a clear Neil Peart influence, but also has a lot of individual character. Like Neil, Gordie has a lot of percussion around the kit -- including a cowbell tree, triangle, wind chimes, and what looks like an inverted ice bell near the hi-hat. You can also see how he's stacked cymbals -- like the crash on top of the 22" Ping Ride or the China cymbals. Gordie says he uses the back kit for more "drum n bass applications."

The specs are:

Pearl Export drums, except for the back kit, 2nd bass drum and a floor tom. The other drums are Tama/Yamaha.

22x16 x2 bass
18x14 bass
6/8/10 rototoms
10x7-12x9-12x10-13x10-13x11 toms
10x8-12x9 toms
13x13-14x14-16x16-18x16 floor toms
14x6.5 snare
13x5.5 snare
14" timbale

An assortment of cowbells and other percussion toys. The cymbals are a mixture of Zildjian/Sabian/Stagg. The ride being a 22" Zildjian A Ping ride from the 1980's, which just screams "Peart sound."