C.J.'s Ludwig Accent CS Custom kit

Hi Andy-

My name is C.J. Goodearl, I live in Orlando Florida. Attached are pics of my Ludwig kit. I purchased as a 5 piece kit from Drums 2 Go, then custom ordered the 8”, 13” toms and 18” floor tom. Since the pictures were taken, I have added another 17” Zildjian crash. Electronics will be added in the future! :)

Been a huge Rush fan since ’81… the configuration is an obvious nod to The Professor. I am also passing on my love of drums and Rush to my kids!

Drum Specs:

10 piece Ludwig Accent CS Custom in Wine Red Lacquer, all birch shells (like Neil's Tama Artstar prototype) 22” bass drum 8” tom 10” tom 12” tom 13” tom 16” floor tom 18” floor tom Pearl 14” x 8” Master’s Custom Limited Edition Maple shell snare drum Original 14” x 5” Ludwig Accent snare (not pictured) Pearl 13” timbale 13” Zildjian Mastersound Hi-Hats 20” Zildjian Ping Ride 16” Zildjian Fast Crash 17” Zildjian Medium-Thin Crash 18” Zildjian Medium-Thin Crash 10” Sabian Paragon Neil Peart Splash 18” Sabian B8 Chinese 

Snare is an 8” deep Pearl Masters maple.

C.J. Goodearl

Orlando Florida.