Shane Wallace's drum kit

Shane owns a beautiful Tama Superstar kit with the same rosewood finish as Neil's first Tama kit.

Here's the story behind this kit from Shane:

"After playing drums now for almost 25 years and being a huge Rush fan since the seventh grade, I was always amazed at Neil's setups. The best part I've found about his setups, VERSATILITY!!!! 

"After graduation in '85, I bought my first custom Tama Artstar drum kit. I went with a 24" kick, and 12", 13", 15", and 18" toms all with the cherry wine finish offered at the time.

"Cymbals were all Zildjian, including two 16", one 18", one 22", and one 18" Wuhan China. I toured the east coast for year with that setup and then came home to play another 10 years as a weekend warrior, playing top 40 (dance) cover tunes. Then that all got old and I sold it all!

"Seven years later a friend of the family living in Houston, who was also a drummer, had purchased a Tama superstar kit (super mahogany or as some call rose wood) 9 piece kit in 1983. He played the area a bit back in the day, but for the most part the kit sat in his house. Just over a year ago, I had the privilege of picking them up from him for $900! Mint condition, not counting the heads or the cymbals. I salvaged the ride, hi-hats, and a 15" crash, all Zildjian.

"After another $1800 and some arrangement changes I NOW HAVE MY OWN NEIL PEART REPLICA KIT. Now if only I could play a quarter like the man himself...

"I have a video clip at YouTube were I'm just screwing off a year ago on the kit.

Drum kit specs:

I use all Tama Titan hardware. The hardware that came with the set dates bake to 1983. The new pieces I added in 2006 are Titan, but they just aren't the same as the 1983 Titans.

Drums are 8", 10", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16" and 22" kick (and no that's not a typo, they messed up the original order back in '83). 

Cymbals are Zildjian, including 16", 15", 17", and 18" crashes; 20" ping ride; 16" and 12" Wuhan Chinas; and in the splash dept. I have a 6", 8", and a 10". Hi-hats are 15" King Beats (with the air holes on the bottom hat). Also in the snare dept., nothing to fancy, just your standard Tama 14" x 6" chrome snare.

I use 747 nylon oaks and DW 9000 single pedal. I haven't bothered too much with double pedals simply because the dance music I play doesn't require it. Doing this has built up my right foot though (I have been accused of having double pedals because of my triplets!).

I am watching eBay for a 1983 Tama Superstar (super mahogany) floor tom so I can add it to the kit.

All heads are Evans, except the Aquarian power dot head on the snare.