Uncle Bob's Ludwig Super Classic kit

Updated 1/2/2012

Bob sent a picture of his kit with new lights! I also like the new bass drum head artwork.

 I made a few additions to my kit this spring (2010). Most notably, the Roland V drums.

I have been inspired by Neil Peart since the moment I first heard YYZ from Exit Stage Left back in 1982 as an eighth grader. Like every Neil fanatic I studied his entire kit and knew every square inch of it. So below is my Ludwig Super Classic kit in Walnut stain finish purchased in 1991 that is clearly influenced by Neil's pre-Roll The Bones drum set-up.

The sizes consist of:

14" x 24" bass drums

5" x 14" snare

6" and 8" roto toms

9" x 6" tom

9" x 8" tom

8" x 10" tom mounted on first bass drum

8" x 12" tom mounted on second bass drum

9" x 13" tom mounted on second bass drum

12" x 15" mounted floor tom

16" x 18" floor tom

Cymbals include:

2 - 16" Avedis Zildjian crashes

2 - 18" Avedis Zildjian crashed

1 - 10" Avedis Zildjian splash

13" Avedis Zildjian hi-hats

22" Avedis Zildjian ride

18" Wuhan china