My Drums

I'm the proud owner of two Drum Workshop drum kits. My main kit (since 2004) is made out of Exotic Curly Maple, with a beautiful turquoise lacquer finish in the following sizes: 22-inch bass drum, 10-, 12-, 14-inch toms, a 5x14-inch snare, and various Sabian cymbals. It sounds as good as it looks. I usually rotate between a DW Edge, DW Maple, DW Maple X, and a DW Maple/Mohagany snare.

These days I've been favoring Sabian cymbals of the Paragon and HHX Evolution variety, and use DW 9000 pedals and hardware.

Drum heads are Remo Coated Ambassador or DW heads by Remo heads that I punish with Vic Firth 3A sticks.

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Layout of my kit - 2013

Layout of my kit - 2013


Layout of my kit - 2005

DW drum kit - 2005


Pictures of Drums

Before the show, Skylark - Photo by Jose Luis Riesco

Click image to see a larger view. Note this was he kit I used during my first recording session with Chris Mess, so it doesn't include the electronics and all effects cymbals. These pictures were taken on 11/20/2005 during a recording session at the Opium Den.

Chris Mess adjusts the microphones

Between takes

Between takes 2

Yours truly behind the kit