Neil Peart

Brian's Slingerland drum kit

Brian writes of Neil's influence on his drum kit:

"As you can see it's a clone of not so much Neil's drums but of his set up... Some of the sizes are different but overall it's a blatant rip off of his Slingerland kit. I bought a lot of old Slingerland drums and shells and parts off of eBay and put this set together over the last year and a half. I found a couple of them with their original Blue Sparkle wrap still in good condition so I though it would make a nice color for the whole set. I rewrapped most of them with materials I bought from Precision Drum Co. in New York. It was a long process but it was fun."  

Brian also put together a really cool montage of this drum kit being assembled on You Tube. He added a soundtrack of Buddy Rich yelling at his band on the tour bus (warning to kids and people who don't appreciate 4-letter expletives).

Brian's drum kit