Neil Peart

Kerry Finn's drum kit

Kerry Finn writes of Neil's influence on his drum kit:

"I have been a Rush fan since I received two LP's for my 9th birthday. One was 2112 and the other Hemispheres. I was only in fourth grade but my brother who was eight years older got me hooked at a young age. I clearly remember riding in the car with my Mom dropping him off at the Niagara Falls Convention Center (now a casino) for the first date of the Rush Archives Tour. My first show was the Moving Pictures Tour (front cover of the Exit Stage Left cover) in 1981. Up to now I have seen every tour since then.  

"My kit reflects a clear Neil influence. I chose the finish to try and resemble the Tama rosewood finish. The ride cymbal is positioned similar to the way Neil played his prior to Freddie Gruber's influence. I play Pro-Marks and have since the 4th grade. You will notice I use a DW remote high-hat positioned so that the cymbals are 14" from the left of where they would normally be. I actually received this tip from another left handed drummer who plays a right handed kit. It allows me to have total freedom and power as opposed to having the left hand "trapped" the old way. I use Evans heads and Remo also influenced by Neil and of course DW 9000 series pedals."  

Kerry and his drum kit