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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The spirit of radio in Seattle

Recently, I've been listening to more radio in my car and less CD music (and audio books). Here are the stations in Seattle that have been entertaining me during my 30 to 90 minute commute:

102.5 -- KZOK - The Bob Rivers Show: There's nothing like listening to Bob, Spike, and Joe in the morning. These guys are always interesting to listen to, as they all compliment each other. They used to be on KISW, but then something happened and suddenly they weren't on the air. I have to admit that in the past few years I've been listening to Howard Stern in the morning. But then he went to Sirius. And now I've returned to where my love for talk radio all started: The Bob Rivers Show.

96.5 -- Jack FM: My brother introduced me to this station on Friday. He said something about how they use an algorithm to pick the songs that people want to hear. But, when I researched this a little, I found that the difference between Jack FM and other radio stations is their playlist. Jack FM can have a playlist of 1000 songs, compared to 100 at a normal station. Interestingly, Jack FM was inspired by CHUM FM in Toronto, which inspired the Rush song, "The Spirit of Radio."

94.9 - KUOW, NPR: I've now listened to this station for probably 15 years. NPR is the best news radio I've ever heard, always going beyond the soundbites of corporate news (NBC, etc.). NPR also goes after both sides of the story, which is what journalism is supposed to do. Something tells me Edward R. Murrow would be proud of these guys.

90.3 -- KEXP: I've only recently been listening to KEXP, and now I understand its legendary status. They are to music what NPR is to news. Because they're member supported, they don't have to answer to any corporations. So like Jack FM, they play whatever they want. But unlike Jack FM, their musical range goes far outside popular taste. On a Saturday night, you might hear African music, indie rock, and local music. Who says radio has to be boring?
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