Donald Jack's Tama Superstar Mohagany kit

This kit was bought brand new from Modern Music Drum Shop in Ft. Lauderdale FL as a 5-piece kit. It was a Tama Superstar Mahogany, 12" and 13" toms, 16" floor tom, and a 22" bass drum. The snare that came with it was a 14" Imperialstar metal snare. 

I originally purchased a 18" Sabian Heavy Crash and a 22" Sabian Dry Ride for cymbals (with 14" Sabian Flat Hats). I love the Dry Ride (I will never find a sweeter sounding or feeling ride), but the others were replaced with the Zildjian line of paper thin and thin crashes (10, 12, 14, 16) and Zildjian Amir 14" hi-hats.  

In 1992, I increased the kit by three pieces adding the second 22" bass drum and the 8" and 14" toms. However, the kit would not be complete until I could find a 10" tom. That elusive piece was FINALLY found by purchasing a X-Tras series 10" Mahogany in 2003 and trading it in 2004 for the standard series tom. Finally, the kit was complete. 

My "influence" and drum mentor is Dave Bannett who owned a 9-piece Tama Superstar Mahogany kit (where the 1992 purchase came from), who was a big RUSH fan.  So, you might say my Peart influence was "hearsay"!
This kit has "toured" the world, albeit moves for jobs, but that's a first step right? Parts of it have seen both Japan and England and the whole thing has been to Montana, New Mexico, Alabama, Wyoming, Texas, and my home in Florida. 

Don Jack