Luis' Tama Starclassic Performer kit - V2

Luis sent me some more pictures of his Tama Starclassic kit. Here are my original notes for v1: "I love the dark mood in the picture of Luis' drums below―and the beautiful color of these Tama Starclassics. In fact, the color is pretty close to Neil's Tobacco Sunburst West Coast Recording kit."

This is my Tama Starclassic drumkit in an Aztec Red Fade finish. Excellent kit, the setup was obviously influenced on Neil's kit (the current one actually). This is an update of my earlier kit; it has more accessories and more drums. I just wish I had a Lorne Wheaton to set them up and stuff (not everyone can have one).

Neil, great work on the last album and what a great show you gave in Selma TX on August 12, 2007 (I was there and it was AMAZING). And Neil if you ever get to read this or if anyone can contact him for me, tell him we'll be waiting for him in Monterrey, Mexico. Thousands of people are waiting to see Rush in Mexico once again I can assure you. 

Here is a brief description of my current kit:

Drums: Tama Starclassic Performer Drums 

  • 16x22" bass drum X 2

  • 10x8" tom tom

  • 10x9" tom tom

  • 12x10" tom tom

  • 13x13" tom tom

  • 16x16" tom tom

  • 18x16" tom tom

  • 51/2x14" snare drum

  • 5x14" Artstar Custom snare drum

  • 8" and 10" inch steel tymps

 Cymbals: Zildjian except when noted

  • 18" brilliant crash

  • 16" brilliant crash

  • 16" K Dark Crash

  • 18" Z Custom Crash

  • 16" crash

  • 14" Hi hats

  • 13" Hi-hats

  • 20" medium ride

  • 18" Special Effects Trash China

  • 14" Wuhan Crash

  • 10" and 12" splash


V1 Kit

Louis' drum kit 

 V1 Kit Configuration




16x22 bass drum

10x8 tom tom

10x9 tom tom

12x10 tom tom

13x13 tom tom

16x16 tom tom

18x16xtom tom

5 1/2x 14 snare drum

5x14 snare drum (not in picture)

8 and 10 inch steel tymps (not in picture)




ALL Avedis Zildjian except when noted


18 brilliant crash

16 brilliant crash

16 K Dark Crash

18 Z Custom Crash

16 crash

14 Hi hats

20 ride

18 Zildjian Special Effects Trash China

14 Wuhan Crash

10 and 12 splash