Mike's Tama Rockstar Kit

Mike's Tama Rockstar kit uses the T4E Neil Peart configuration, with the front ride cymbal placement, added left floor tom, fewer tom-toms, and right-side X-hats. Plus the pictures below are the closest I've seen to the Neil-on-the-water setting yet. :-)
Been playing since 15 and this is my 4th kit and the 3rd TAMA kit. Inspired by the T4E set-up. I’ve been playing this arrangement ever since.  Kit #3 was a monster (no pic) and I played it from 1985 to 1992  …yes for 4 years I had nothing to play. This one is much friendlier and less spastic. 

Mike's kit

Kit specs:
  •  All TAMA Rockstar circa 1996 Pewter
  • 22x16 bass
  • 6x8 tom
  • 8x10 tom
  • 10x12 tom
  • 12x15 tom suspended (right)
  • 14x14 floor tom (left)
  • 16x16 floor tom
  • TAMA Starclassic 6.5x14 Maple snare
  • TAMA Starclassic 5.5x14 Maple snare
  • Pearl Master Series 4x13 Maple piccolo snare
  • TAMA throne
  • Iron Cobra double bass pedals
  • Neil Peart Paragon cym set (all of them)
  • Evans Heads
  • ProMark 747 sticks
Mike's kit