Nereu's RMV kit

Update - 11/8/09

Nereu e-mailed me some pictures and information about changes he's made to his drum kit. Personally, I love the "black flake" finish on these drums.

Thank you for posting the pictures! 
As I promised am sending you the new pictures of the drums, now personalized! 
And with my new hit hat, Sabian Paragon 13". 
The used painting was the same of the drums of R30 black flake but without the details! 

Every personalization was made by Aero Ric, a company of personalizations of drums here of Brazil! 
I hope you like!

Ubatuba, SP - Brazil

Information posted on 8/27/09

Hello! My name is Nereu, I live in Brazil in the city of Ubatuba. I would like to have my drums published on this site! I am 16 years old. I am fan of RUSH, actually I am more fan of Neil! I met the Rush in 2000 but I only began to follow the career of the power trio in 2006. I've been playing drums for one year. Neil inspired my set up. I liked the arrangement of the kit because it seems easier to play! 
I hope you like my kit

My drums are:

RMV road up 2007   
Kick 18X22 
snare 5X14 
tons 7x8,8X10,9X12 
floor tons 11X14,13X16 
cymbals Orion,Krest 
crashes 2X16 
ride 20 
splash 10' 
china 18' 

Iron Cobra Twin Pedal
Cowbells liverpool and Adah
I have videos in the you tube, recently I recorded a solo in honor to The Professor.
My Channel
One day I will complete the kit and I will send you new pictures!!'
Excuse my English, as I know very a little, I used translator