Patrick Keith's red sparkle kit   

Patrick Keith's kit is a true reflection of Neil's Test for Echo kit, in setup and color.

This is a custom kit built by Jeff Kirsch. The shells are from Keller, and are 8-ply maple VX shells, covered in a 'Red Glass Glitter' finish (my favorite kit of Neil's was his red sparkle DW). The sizes are more or less the same as Neil's except for a little tweaking: 16x22 kick, 6.5x14 snare, 7x8,7x10,7.5x12,8.5x13 rack toms, 12x15 and 15x16 floor toms. The cymbals are all Sabian AA series except the ride: 22" Paragon Ride, (2) 16" crash, 18" crash, 20" crash, 8" and 10" splashes, 13" rock hats, and an 18" china. I also have a tambourine, assorted cowbells, and a Roland SPD-20 to round out the "toybox" as Neil likes to say! All heads are Evans G2 coated, except the kick which has an Aquarian Superkick II. The hardware is all DW 900 and 500 series.

Thanks for letting me share. Rock on!