Pierre Martin's Starclassic kit

Pierre Martin's Tama Starclassic Performer drum kit clearly reflects a Neil Peart-inspired setup with acoustic and satellite electronic kits -- as well as acoustic percussion. In addition to having a very cool drum kit, Pierre is also quite proficient at playing Neil's drum parts. I've included a few videos on this page, but be sure to check out Pierre's YouTube page that includes over 20 videos of him playing along to Rush tracks (and a few other bands). 

Pierre Martin 1 Pierre Martin 2 Pierre Martin 3 Pierre Martin 4 Pierre Martin 5

"Drumming has been a hobby of mine for the past 30 years. My main influence and favorite drummer is, of course, The Professor! Over the years, I have had several kits arranged in a similar setup as Neil. At the moment, I do have a Tama Starclassic Performer assembled as his DW kit, and a satellite Roland V-Session electronic set as well. The entire setup includes also a bunch of acoustic percussion accessories like wind chimes, cowbells, blocks, etc. The set of cymbals is one of the 30 "2112" Sabian Paragon sets ever made (the set that came with 2 10" splashes and a bunch of other goodies!)."

For more hi-res photos and more information about Pierre's drum kit, go to Pierre's website.


"Far Cry"