Randy's Pearl Export kit

Like Neil's drum kits, Randy's kit has little details sprinkled throughout that are just fun to look at. For example, there's a tambourine mounted on the bass drum, an electronic drum on the right, and a Roland SPD-S on the left (I have an SPD-S, too, and it's one of the coolest electronic drums a drummer can own). He also has a cowbell tree on the left, along with a piccolo snare, and a mini-Chinese cymbals on the right. The Starman logo on the bass drum is a nice touch as well. All those toys make me want to play this kit!

Well I have always been interested in drums and Neil was the one big influence. The kit is a set of Pearl Exports that started out as a 5 pc. set with me adding on as time went by. The cymbals are Paragons except the smaller china which is a Wuhan.

Randy's drum kitRandy's drum kit

Randy's drum kit