Ryan Feeney's Tama Swingstar "Beast" kit

Hello my name is Ryan Feeney. I live in Oshawa Ontario Canada. I have been inspired by Neil Peart since the moment I heard him playing. In my opinion there is no drummer that can catch Neil Peart to this day. I am 19 years old now, and the first time I heard Rush was at my uncle Jeff's (he's a Rush fanatic!, played in a Rush Tribute band in Scarborough Ontario, and was the one that past on that kit to me) when I was 12 years old.

I have always played drums but after hearing Neil I was shocked at how crazy and technical the fills were. I immediately wanted to master all of Rush starting from the first song I learned 2112, which took me a while to perfect it. To this day I now know most of all of Rush, there's the odd song that still puzzles me, but you would expect that from covering the Professor! LOL. As soon as I saw Neil's A Farewell To Kings kit I was like holy crap, what the heck is that!! I wanted it. I searched the Internet everywhere studying the kit, so I knew exactly what Neil was playing in the songs.

When I discovered this site I was amazed at how much information there was about Neil's kits, starting from Rush all the way to Snakes & Arrows. My kit is inspired by Neil's'  A Farewell To Kings all the way to the Signals kit. Over the years I have added more and more stuff on it. These two pics attached are when I first got the kit from my uncle when I was 13 and are not up to date to where it is at now.


  • My Kit is an all-black 1985 Tama Swingstar Kit
  • I have the red Evans Hydraulic heads on the five main toms, black dots on my snare and concert toms, Remo Ambassador heads on timbales, and an Aquarian Super Kick 2 on my bass drum
  • I have 5 cowbells, full set of 6, 8, 10, 12 concert toms, 2 sets of chimes, 3 triangles, xylophone, 34" gong, temple blocks and a set of roto toms
  • I have all Neil's exact cymbals (same sizes), all thin Avedis Zildjian, except for a Paiste Ride, and Two China's
  • I have just bought a DTXPRESS IV to fit in the back ( where I could fit it), to cover the electronic era of Rush
  • Hope you like my kit and will post it on the website

Thanks a lot,