Sander's Premier Cabria Exclusive kit

Sander lives in Flanders, Belgium, where he assured me there are Neil Peart fans. His kit definitely reflects Neil's Tama Artstar design, including the satellite electronic kit.

Sander's kit


First and for all thank you so much for the great site which has taught me and showed
me things I have since long wished to know!

I am writing this mail to show that there are fans in Flanders Belgium too =)

This is a 'homage' for a person who has inspired me in pursuing a life of music.
I am especially a great fan of Rush's 80's work!

With pride I would like to send you a picture of my kit. Couldn't go too high in Premier series due to the size of the kit! But nevertheless I am extremely proud of it and yes it does sound bigggg!

Premier Cabria Exclusive
Kick 2x 24'x18'
concert tom 6,8,9,12
toms 10,12,13,16
snare Premier project 1,  14'x6.5'
Simmons sds9 Pads
Simmons sds7 Drumbrain

Thank you

And all the best!

Keep up the great work on the site