Steve Cain's replica drum kit

When I received the pictures of Steve Cain's drum kit, I was impressed. This was a near-perfect replica of Neil's current drum setup. Check out the details: the cymbals sans logos, the gong bass drum, the cowbell tree, the DW batter heads, the crotale-like "ice bell," and the squirrel cage fan. Here's Steve's description:

"Well, here’s my version of Neil’s Snakes & Arrows kit. The Ludwig drums, originally, were based on his Grace Under Pressure set-up. They were built back in March of 1990 when I custom ordered them. The kit consisted of the double bass set-up with the Simmons kit. But as the years have gone by, I went to a single bass drum and removed the 6 & 12in concert toms, as well as retiring the Simmons kit.

"The specs on the drums are as follows: The Ludwig’s - 8 & 10in concert toms, 12 & 13in closed toms, 15, 16, & 18in floor toms, 24in bass drum.  DW 14in snare, Tama 20in Gong bass drum.  The Zildjian cymbals – (2) 8in splashes, 10in splash, (2) 16in crashes, 18in crash, 20in crash, 22in ride, 13in hi-hats, 14in hi-hats, 18in china, and a 20in china.  There is also a Wuhan 20in china, an LP ice bell, a cowbell tree and my favorite, the squirrel cage fan.  (Tucked under the hi-hat. Ala-Neil)"