Tom Hildreth's Chrome Ddrum Reflex kit

I am a guitarist who started out playing drums, and now in my old age (49). I have finally got the drums I have always wanted, the kit of my drum hero, Neil Peart (or at least as close as I can get). I am actually considering the revolving octo-riser! (Just to make it easier to get behind the kit in my small studio.)

Drums: Ddrum Reflex in chrome

  • 7x8     D#

  • 7x10   B

  • 8x12   F#

  • 9x13   B

  • 2- 12x14  A and A#

  • 14x16  F#

  • 16x18  B

  • 5.5x14 snare  A

  • 3x13 piccolo snare  B

  • 2- 20x22 bass drums (only using one for now)  A

Sabian Paragon Cymbals

  • 8" splash

  • 2- 10" splash

  • 13" hi-hats

  • 14" hi-hats

  • 2- 16" crash

  • 18" crash

  • 20" crash

  • 19" chinese

  • 20" chinese

  • 20" Diamondback chinese

  • 22" ride

  • Wuhan splash cymbals (soon to be gone)

    • 8",  10",  12" w/ Duplicate X 3-way cymbal stackers

  • 4" DW cymbal Stacker for 8" Paragon splash on 14" hi-hats

  • 6- assorted cowbells (will be replacing 3 with pearl tri-bell ) 5 all together when completed

  • custom built cowbell tree by next door welder Greg on an old pearl cymbal stand

Drums, hardware, and more

  • Piccolo stand made from bottom half of DW cymbal stand and top half of DW snare stand

  • Ddrum/PDP cymbal stands

  • DW cymbal seats on all cymbals

  • Ddrum dxp hi-hat stand

  • 2-Ddrum double tom stands for mounting 18" "cannon"

  • DW 9002 double bass pedals, felt side contact, using chains, not straps

  • Roc n Soc hydraulic throne

  • Vater stick holder

  • Pro Mark 747 Neil Peart Time Machine drum sticks

  • 2- small chrome fans for dry hands

  • 2- chrome bicycle drink holders for water and beer

  • all toms have Evans G2 heads at the moment--but I will change to DW clear/coated after I wear these out

  • Aquarian Super Kick II heads on Bass drums

  • Aquarian double kick pro pad

  • Snare drum has Remo Ambassador X head

  • Snare drum has upgraded DW-SM2159 Mag Strainer Magnetic Throw System and DW-SMTT2014 True-Tone Snare Wires

  • Evans Diamond Plate Chrome graphic heads on front Bass drums