Adventures of Power

Welcome to my Adventures of Power information page. Take a look around and learn more about the film that Neil Peart calls, "The best rock movie in many a year." In fact, Neil Peart has a cameo in this film — his first live-action, dramatic film role. I had a chance to see the film in Seattle in 2010 with a sold-out audience.

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Adventures of Power released on DVD on January 25, 2011, including the following bonus features:
  • Exclusive Interview & Drum-off with Rush drummer Neil Peart
  • Music Video starring Adrian Grenier (Entourage) as Dallas H.
  • Deleted Scenes - featuring Jane Lynch (Glee) & more
  • Postcards from the Set
  • Fan Videos
  • Award Winning Short Films by Ari Gold
  • Trailers & Commentary
Read an exclusive interview with Ari Gold

Read a transcript of Ari Gold's interview with Neil Peart: "The Power of Music (and the music of Power)"

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Power vs. Peart video