PASIC show in Indianapolis

November 11 - 14, 2009

Two of Neil Peart drum kits were displayed at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention 2009 show:
  • The restored Slingerland kit used from 1974 - 1978 on Fly By Night, Caress of Steel, 2112, and All the World's a Stage
  • The DW kit used on the Snakes & Arrows tour from 2007 - 2008

1974 Slingerland Kit

This kit was sold by its previous owner (who acquired it from Peart in a drum giveaway contest) on eBay in August 2009. Michael D.F. Lowe, the webmaster of, helped restore the kit to a playable condition. Fans could play the kit for a donation to the American Cancer Society.

Joe Schultz - Added 11/21/09

Joe wrote of his experience:

My girlfriend April and I attended PASIC on Saturday. Our only reason for going was to see Neil Peart's drum kits. I still can't get over the fact that I was able to see both of these kits up close! I had the pleasure of seeing Neil's Counterparts kit in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, but they would not allow me to take any pictures at that time. Michael from was a true pleasure to meet in person and is full of great information. All I could do when I saw each kit and walked around them was stare and keep saying "I can't believe this." The restoration of the Slingerland kit was top notch and I am thankful Michael made the trip to Indy with the kit. Everyone else has pretty much summed up what I felt and experienced at PASIC so in closing I want to thank you for all the great Neil Peart info and updates! Keep up the good work!  Cheers, Joe Schultz


April - Added 11/21/09

Pierre Martin - Added 11/18/09

Pierre writes of his experience playing the Slingerland kit:

I also had the chance to attend PASIC 2009, and play Neil's Slingerland kit. It was a dream come true for me, a kit I spent hours looking at on the cover of "All the World's A stage", the first Rush album I ever heard around 1980. The kit looked wonderful and sounded great. I played parts of "2112", "Anthem", "Something for Nothing", "Bastille Day"... It was totally cool. Thanks to Dean & Michael for doing that!

I attached some pictures. You will see that many famous drummers had already signed the heads when I sat down at the kit.

A fabulous moment in my life!


Pierre "Astrotama" Martin


Mark Gausel

Mark Gausel was one of the first to play these drums after 32 years of retirement. He sent some pictures of the event along with some comments: "Re-initiating the Professor's 1974 Slingerland Drums. This is the best a drummer could hope for. Had to play Fly by Night and 2112."

Click each thumbnail for a larger picture.


Jeff Alford

Mark Gausel wrote, "We will be friends for long time I'm sure. Great drummer. Really had his Rush licks down. Neil would have been proud."


Guasel wrote, "Carson, great little drummer. Played some Rush Licks. I was amazed!

Steve Gausel - Mark's brother

Doug Foley

Doug Foley behind Neil Peart's 1974 Slingerland Kit

Pictures of the restored 1974 Slingerland Kit

By Joe Schultz

By Doug Foley

Picture of Slingerland kit by Doug Foley

By Pierre Martin - Added 11/18/09

Slingerland kit photo by Pierre Martin

by Mark Gausel


Snakes & Arrows kit

The Snakes & Arrows kit was displayed by Guitar Center.

Joe Schultz - Added 11/21/09

Pierre Martin - Added 11/18/09

Snakes Kit photo by Pierre Martin Snakes kit photo by Pierre Martin

Doug Foley - 4 pictures added on 11/18/09