Updated: 09/24/2017

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At a Glance:

  • Drums: Slingerland in Chrome Finish

  • Used from 1974 - 1977

  • Cymbals: Avedis Zildjian

  • Percussion: One cowebell

  • Sticks: Pro-Mark 747 wood tip

  • Hardware: Ludwig, Pearl, Slingerland, Premier

  • 5x14 Rogers Dynasonic Snare - Chrome Over Brass w/10 lugs

  • Drum tech: Ian Grandy

This Slingerland kit was the first drum kit Neil played with Rush. It was used to record:

It was also used for tours supporting all the aforementioned albums, as well as Rush

Kit Specifications

During the 2009/2010 "Chromey restoration," Michael D.F. Lowe of researched the different versions of the Slingerland Kit. This version was used for the Rush tour.

Graphics, images, and text courtesy of Michael D.F. Lowe (Updated 12/9/10)

Neil Peart's Slingerland Kit - 1974

3-ply Shells of Maple, Poplar, and Mahogany w/Chrome Wrap
9x13 Tom w/W&A Diamond Plate Clip Mount
9x13 Tom w/Set-O-Matic Mount
10x14 Tom w/Set-O-Matic Mount
16x16 Floor Tom
(2) 14x22 Bass Drum
5x14 Rogers Dynasonic Snare - Chrome Over Brass w/10 lugs

Avedis Zildjian 8" Splash Cymbal
Avedis Zildjian 13" New Beat Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair
Avedis Zildjian 16" Medium Crash Cymbal
Avedis Zildjian 18" Medium Crash Cymbal
Avedis Zildjian 20" Medium Crash Cymbal
Avedis Zildjian 22" Ping Ride Cymbal

LP Rock/Bongo Cowbell

(2) Ludwig Speed King w/Square Beater
Ludwig Consolette Tom Holder w/3" rod and tongue on stage left bass
Slingerland Set-O-Matic Double Tom Holder on stage right bass
Slingerland Dynamo Hi-Hat Stand
Slingerland Rocket Snare Drum Stand
(4) Pearl Model #803 Single Braced Heavy Duty Cymbal Stand
Premier Lokfast Flush Base Cymbal Stand w/Cowbell and 8" Splash
Ludwig Seat Case
Pro-Mark Rock 747 Drumsticks
Rogers Stick Tray Assembly #48-1280

Evans All Weather Heavy Duty Rock Chrome Heads - 13"(2), 14", 16", 22"(2 bass front 1974)
Evans All Weather Heavy Duty Rock Blue Resonant Heads - 13"(2), 14", 16"
Remo CS Black Dots - 14", 22" (2 bass rear)
Remo Ambassador Snare-side Head - 14"

Bass drum heads artwork

The artwork on the bass drum heads from Fall 1974 to Fall 1975 was on 22" Evans Rock Chrome heads with the first album RUSH logo in black. See this page for more information.

After Rush

Go to the "Chromey" restoration page for details.

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